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UX Copywriting

Your website is out there getting hundreds of hits per day.  If  the user has a great experience -- you get a sale, a donation -- action! But what if they can't get what they want -- they're out of your site in the blink of an eye -- looking for a better experience on another competitor's site.

Don't let that happen -- your user experience (UX) is everything. 
I can help.

You see, we really need to make sure that we're making websites that are useful and easy to follow, and that blend over easily into the buying process. We want web pages to be meaningful and intuitive to use. This was especially true for apps when smartphones came online, it's very, very true for websites, and being design driven really just means that you're focusing on creating a positive effortless user experience.

So companies have started using writers to create a better experience but this introduced some new problems. The writers would come in when the designers had gotten about 70 to 80% of the way through the design. They would start asking all kinds of questions like "Why is this here?" and "Maybe this should be a little bit different." Then the designer would think "it would have been nice to have this person giving me these clues back at the beginning".  This led to the birth of the UX writer, and of course, eventually, the UX copywriter.

Currently, one definition of user experience copywriting is that it is what happens when you combine user experience principles with elements of conversion optimization and persuasion, to create a marketing message that is focused on helping the user achieve their goal, and that removes barriers so that forward momentum is effortless.

Content Marketing

You need leads, great sales funnels, conversions, action.  A good nonprofit  marketer knows how to write the words that provoke action.  I'd love to help!


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If you don't see something here, let's immediately talk about it -- its likely I can produce it for you.

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Are you a Nonprofit?

I have the unique experience of not only being a writer -- but a knowledgeable professional nonprofit fundraiser and prospect researcher.  Let's take your nonprofit copyriting to the next level and make the world a better place. 

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