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White Papers, Case Studies

Because of the years of experience I've gained doing prospect research using the Internet, research is my passion!  There is nothing I love more than digging in and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for you.  Writing White Papers and Case Studies falls beautifully into that category, especially for nonprofits.

White Papers

Whenever your project requires research, interviewing, planning, and good editorial style writing, my skills will get your job done.  But there's a definite process we will follow, and here are some important initial questions:

1) Your Target Audience  

2) Your Objective of the White Paper

3) Your Topic

4) Length

5) Content

We'll discuss each of these categories in depth during our initial conversation.

Case Studies

Michael Stelzner, author of Writing White Papers, describes case studies as marketing pieces that “typically examine a specific company and its experience with a product or service. They often include quotes from a key person at that company and are designed to help prospects see an example of how a solution worked for someone else."

Case Studies

What we'll examine:

1. News-like headline

2. The Customer background

3. The Challenges

4. The Journey

5. The Solution

6. The Implementation

7. The Results and Benefits achieved

8. A Sidebar with summary points

9. Pull-out quotes

A Student of American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI)

As a student of AWAI, I spent hours and hours buying AWAI's seminars, studying them, and implementing them.  As well, they are a source I can go to at any time and find out how the experts do anything.  I attended their Bootcamp for Copywriters in 2015, Delray Beach, Florida. They are a fantastic organization and have given me the knowledge and skills to back up my claims.

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