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Hi there.  Glad you are here. I'm
Daria Walsh.

If you are looking for a copywriter with over 30 years experience telling stories, you've arrived.

I've never met a blank page I couldn't joyfully fill with creative, compelling content.


Case Study Writer!
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Every word matters...

I'm a freelance writer with a vivid imagination.


I creatively produce content that encourages action. 

As a writer of prospect research profiles on high net-worth donors to universities, hospitals, and arts organizations, I gained expert experience in the world of fundraising for 30 years.

Those types of profiles lead me to know intuitively that writing is what I love!

My love of travel also lead me to want to write about the places visited. But make no mistake, the suburbs of Philadelphia, especially Bucks County, are where I love to create.  

Let's connect! Let's have a real talk about your organization's needs, and how I can help you.  No hype.  No pressure.

Image by Christin Hume


Part of marketing is storytelling. It lets the reader know who you are and if they are in the right place.


This is my expertise, passion, name it. It is part of me.


I partner with all my clients and utilize my expertise to produce action. 

As an Executive Director of a small nonprofit I wear a lot of hats. It’s hard to juggle all those hats and remain objective and creative in completing an annual report. Hiring Daria was a tremendous help and value. Annual report done timely, was easily accessible and the final product better than expected.

"Daria is wonderful to work with. Her first draft nails what we discussed, but she is always open to revisions. We highly recommend working with this talented writer."

Natasha Ashenhurst, Owner, Founder

Mosaic Marketing Studio

John R. Keuffer, III CDCA QMHS CVIP Executive Director.

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